Friday, July 13, 2012

Facebook Adverts: A Waste of Money?

Are companies wasting their money buying Facebook adverts given that the majority who chose to click the “like button” are either fake Facebook profiles or users who have no interest in the company’s products or services whatsoever? 

By: Ringo Bones 

A recent investigation recently uncovered by the BBC had recently uncovered a somewhat sobering fact about companies paying good money to buy advertising on Facebook and other leading social media. Majority of users who chose to click the “like button” are either fake Facebook profiles or users who have zero interest whatsoever on the company’s products and services being advertised – i.e. just clicking the like button at random. But does this mean that companies buying advertisement time on Facebook and other leading social network sites are just really wasting their money? 

A recent investigation done by the BBC shows that a typical company buying a Facebook advertisement space has on average gets 3,000 like clicks during the first 24 hours of their ads being uploaded. Companies based on the United States and Europe - some that don’t even have brick and mortar shops in the more “austere” parts of South-East Asia and Africa – usually still get a lot of like button clicks from these places. Is this really a tad suspicious from an I.T. standpoint? 

Sadly, the powers-that-be running Facebook still doesn’t give a rat’s ass about fake profiles and users because these fake Facebook users still fatten the famed social network’s bottom line. Unless these fake Facebook users violate the social network’s established community standards – they will more likely continue to opt to choose to click the like button at random. Like are there really high-end audio enthusiasts in the Sudan who also share my passion on single-ended triode amplifiers?


Ady said...

Given that making fake Facebook profiles can be considered a marketable "e-skill", the powers-that-be at Facebook are probably asking themselves if there's money to be made of this shenanigans.

Ringo said...

The 100-billion dollar question aimed by marketers and advertising firms at Facebook whether the likes form fake or phantom Facebook profiles are a waste of money for company's buying ad time on the famed social network site could be considered a moot point from Facebook's standpoint, since the social network still continues to earn money anyway - fake users or not. Unless these fake / phantom Facebook profiles start behaving like that notorious Nigerian Prince and start swindling the powers-that-be at Facebook for millions.

April Rain said...

Does this mean that Facebook / social media commerce or f-commerce is fiscally stillborn?

Ringo said...

Just hope f-commerce won't be the next internet bubble, April Rain, 'cause I've got a lot riding on it.