Friday, July 25, 2014

Google’s Pornography Advert Ban: Not Economically Viable?

Given that pornography is already a multi-billion US dollar industry in America alone, is Google shooting themselves in the foot in implementing a pornography advert ban?

By: Ringo bones 

Ever since the then US President Ronald Reagan cracked down on America’s pornography industry during the 1980s, the move only inadvertently made it bigger and thus turning it into a multi-billion corporate colossus today that can gamely compete with the aerospace and defense industries. But with the recent decision for an online pornography advert ban, are the powers-that-be at Google shooting themselves in the corporate foot? 

If you follow closely on the goings-on at Google, you couldn’t be blamed if you conclude that Google’s recent decision to ban pornography themed online adverts are driven both politically and emotionally – rather than an economically driven move. After all, the “Meese Report” – As in that big, blue 1,960-page July 1986 Ronald Reagan Pornography Final Report that almost nobody ever reads anymore - has already shown that pornography is not at all harmful to normal level-headed individuals. Could it be that other factors are making the top-tier policymakers at Google decide to implement a pornography advert ban? 

The “alleged” murder of Google executive Forrest Hayes by a high-end prostitute named Alix Tichelman during one of their “heroin orgies” cold be a probably explanation on why Google – a company that chose to run their business in a largely “Bohemian” manner suddenly “turned Republican” almost overnight. This seems like the most plausible explanation of Google suddenly “going GOP” almost overnight. Only time will tell if the “Do No Evil” Google’s recent move could inadvertently transform it into a “Conservative Evil Empire” relatively overnight. 

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Sarah's Scene said...

A Google pornography advert ban? I just hope that Google - the search engine - still continues to connect us to those hot Ukrainian Lesbian Teen Porn sites, something Yahoo! is too chicken to provide.