Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Trump University: Phony University?

Given that it has been recently sued by the Attorney General of the state of New York after numerous complaints of students and graduates, is Trump University a phony business oriented university?

By: Ringo Bones 

Trump University is founded by the flamboyant American billionaire real estate, hotel and casino mogul Donald Trump as a way of “passing on” his secrets of financial success to anyone willing to work and study hard. But despite of the 35-thousand US dollar per student tuition fee, many fresh graduates have now wondered weather they are duped by Donald Trump’s famed university in an America currently suffering from a supposed jobless economic recovery. But should the Attorney General of the state of New York need to intervene in the matter? 

As of late, the Attorney General of the state of New York is currently suing Trump University for 40-million US dollars after numerous complaints from students and fresh graduates accused Donald Trump of defrauding them of their hard-earned money via the 35-thousand US dollar tuition fee citing irregularities that seem to make Donald Trump’s famed university as something less than credible – even fraudulent. The raison d’ĂȘtre of the New York Attorney General’s lawsuit centers on the extra fees paid for useless seminars that never made students the next financial whiz. Even recent threads on on-line message boards and leading social media networks are calling Trump University a greater fraud and even more phony than Pornstar University and/or Slut Academy. And there are even some conspiracy theorists that say that the New York Attorney General’s lawsuit against Donald Trump only gained credence and credibility due to the on-going feud between billionaire Donald Trump and US President Barack Obama. 

The students and recent graduates of Trump University allegations that they had been fleeced is more than just mere idle accusations because authorities working for the New York Attorney General had gathered enough evidence to show that Trump University is nothing more than a scam. There are no handpicked instructors famed for their financial acumen like Donald Trump promised. Donald Trump’s famed university’s promise that you can be as financially successful as him seem to ring hollow as most of the recent graduates and those who graduated a few years ago, haven’t yet paid off their student loans – never mind now on a fast track in becoming the next American billionaire. Virtually all graduates end up have their picture taken with a cardboard cut-out of Donald Trump while receiving their diploma. Given that Trump Casinos are planning to include a Strip Bar as standard in their establishment in the US and across the world – this recent move by flamboyant American billionaire Donald Trump could be a way of securing employment of the recent women graduates of Trump University, albeit a not so politically correct one. 

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