Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Occupy Wall Street Protests One Year On

Billed as the stance of the 99% against the richest 1% out to financially ruin everyone’s lives, does the Occupy Wall Street Movement and similar ones like it elsewhere across the world established a lasting legacy?

By: Ringo Bones

A year or so ago, a line was drawn in the sand where 99% of the world’s poverty stricken working class finally had enough with their lives being financially manipulated by the richest 1% with impunity. The moral hazard of this “business arrangement” is bound to explode thus began the Occupy Movement – which the most famous of which is the Occupy Wall Street out to make the richest 1% of the world’s financial center to be more accountable to the welfare of the poverty stricken 99% that was enslaved by their scheming and dealing; But is there a lasting legacy being established of the global Occupy Movement as it celebrates its first anniversary?

Well, it took the Anti Nuclear Movement 30 years to finally get unsafe nuclear power plants to be shut down so each and every member of the occupy movement has a lot to be hopeful about. Although sometimes I wonder if any of them had something to do with the recent outing of HSBC and Standard Chartered as prime money laundering go to banks for rogue states like Iran or criminal organizations like the various Mexican Drug Cartels. Nonetheless, everyone at the Occupy Movement still sticks by their core mission of ending the global financial status quo that is increasing the disparity between the financially enslaved 99% and the richest 1% who seem to operate their businesses outside of the rule of law. The more the financial world goes on operating the way it has done before, the more reason will Occupy Wall Street and similar movements have to go out and protest.

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K8-LYN said...

The Occupy Wall Street Movement still have a lot to do - as US Republican Party presidential hopeful Mitt Romney recently disparages the poorest 47% of President Obama's supporters.