Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paid to Click Sites: Viable Source of Extra Income?

Given there are already who had benefited from them despite of their spam-like ability to wind up in our e-mail inboxes, are Paid to Click Sites an economically viable way to earn extra income?

By: Ringo Bones

Aside from those notorious Viagra and Cialis ads and the odd Nigerian prince or two in need of your help, Paid to Click Sites or PTC Sites are probably already well known for supplementing the income of some and the quitting of their day-jobs of the lucky few. Despite their spam-like ability to wind up in your e-mail inboxes – probably their only inconvenient quirk – the messages and adverts are replete with testimonials of early adapters who are now using PTC Sites as a source of extra money / extra income. Some of the lucky few have already quit their day-jobs to work on their work-at-home PTC Sites business schemes full time. But are PTC Sites really an economically viable source of extra cash?

Paid to Click or PTC Sites are companies that pay you for viewing their websites. These companies get paid for showing the pages to their members. Usually, these sites often pay almost 100% of that money to their members. A typical Paid to Click Site work as a method of earning money online by clicking on the “paid” link – i.e. “paid” link is a link sent along with the advertisement which pays the members money or points – which can later be redeemed for their monetary value – by clicking advertisements that are purchased by the program advertisers. The value of money and points that a member earns vary from program to program.

During the early days of PTC Sites, early adapters almost couldn’t believe the amount of money they are earning given the relatively light workload required. As the members / signees of these PTC Sites increased, a point of “diminishing returns” manifested itself to the members via reduced earnings for a given workload or online advertisements being clicked.

Back then, some members / signees even resorted to the use of botnets and related auto-click malware programs / cheating programs to “automate” their click workload and thus increasing their PTC earnings. This form of cheating / online computer fraud worked so well I the early days of PTC Sites where botnet detection programs were still in its infancy. Even today, PTC members / signees still resort to “sophisticated” botnets since they can manage to earn several hundreds, even several thousands of US dollars, before they get caught and their PTC Site accounts are terminated. Though these days, PTC Site operators will sue you for online computer fraud if they caught you resorting to using botnets on their PTC Sites – assuming that you gave them your true home address and home phone number.

Fortunately, you can also boost your PTC Site earnings in a legally acceptable manner. One of the legitimate methods often used to boost one’s PTC Site income and earnings is by visiting the forum sites. Basically, all PTC Sites have forums where you can find precious info, tips and to be able to ask questions. A PTC Site’s forum site is also a way of making sure that the PTC Site you are signing into is legit. Also, don’t forget to make sure to regularly switch your earnings between PTC sites. Withdraw your money / earnings from PTC sites that are not giving you a good earning rate or referral click ratio and send it to better sites to buy more referrals on those instead. Remember PTC Sites based work-at-home business schemes still need the same hard work and dedication as a typical CFD work-at-home business schemes.


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