Wednesday, January 7, 2009

US Treasury Bonds and Securities: A Bubble that’s About to Burst?

With a budget deficit that could reach 1 trillion dollars in order to save it’s own economy, are US Treasury bonds and securities still a sound investment choice in 2009?

By: Ringo Bones

With the critics of incoming US president Barack Obama’s supposedly socialist-leaning economic policies now segueing into the background like their empty rhetoric, the question still remains whether US treasury bonds and securities are still the safe-haven investments that they are touted to be. Or are they the latest speculative bubble just waiting to burst?

With the US government now printing money at an unprecedented scale and the government spending deficit that is predicted to reach over a trillion dollars just to save the American economy, financial analysts around the world are now casting their doubts over the long-term profitability of US treasury bonds and securities. Because if you choose to invest in US treasury bonds now, there’s no telling of it’s actual value when it matures. Looks like when one invests in US treasury bonds he or she will be primarily driven by patriotism rather than for profit. If he or she is willing to overlook the inherent disadvantages of financial and / or speculative bubbles.

Since US treasury bonds and securities was no longer the safe-haven investment vehicle that it once was, what are our options? In my opinion, investing in gold is a better bet right now because gold is not backed by credit – i.e. it has inherent value of it’s own. But if the patriotism issue is really nagging you, here’s my view on this: Does investing in a less desirable financial instrument in order to “help keep our fellow Americans employed and off welfare” both economic common sense and patriotic?

My answer to this is a really big fat no. Investing your hard-earned money in a less desirable financial instrument in order to “help keep our fellow Americans gainfully employed and off welfare” does not really make economic common sense or is really patriotic, it is just thinly veiled charity. A charity that most of us succumb into every time we use “liberal guilt” as a defense mechanism every time we are emotionally blackmailed into buying something we don’t really need. And by the way, when it comes to good business practices, emotional blackmail is still illegal.

But if you are like me – and many others - who still believes that America under the helm of President Obama, miracles – especially economic miracles – can still happen. Then by all means invest in US treasury bonds and securities as your patriotic duty to help keep the American economy strong. But beware and be very aware that the current state of the US economy still resembles some rickety contraption being held by bailing wire and the good intentions of a czarist-era mad Russian. Which is my latest assessment given the aftermath of the Bernard L. Madoff fraud that could put Charles Ponzi and his start-up pyramid scheme to shame.

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Sherry Rashad said...

If you harbor such sentiment, then economic recovery programs started by the Obama Administration will soon be a success. Remember 1992?