Friday, December 19, 2008

The US Economic Downturn: A Boon for Indian Law Firms?

Rumored to have the world’s largest population of underutilized professionals, will the current US economic downturn be a good thing for Indian law firms?

By: Ringo Bones

Ever since globalization created the outsourcing market, low cost services – no matter how far away – has always been too tempting for the richest countries to ignore despite of quasi-protectionism legislation. And while the world markets waited with baited breath whether the US economic downturn will get much worse, the American economic hardship had inadvertently become a good thing to a service sector half a world away – namely Indian law firms.

Basing on the increased visibility of Indian law firms advertising on the Internet like the Singhania & Co. LLP Advocates and Solicitors for example, offering arbitration and all types of business assistance. And given that as a business model, outsourcing has proven to be very economically viable, it is inevitable that Indian law firms will soon be benefiting from the misfortunes of corporate America’s woes.

Outsourcing has since outgrown from the fledgling phoning in of DVD player queries. The evaluation of legal documents via legal outsourcing has recently reduced the cost overheads of US financial lawsuits and other corporate legalese and rigmarole. Given that corporate legal procedures are seldom cheap – especially when it involves filing for bankruptcy – every method of cost reduction, like legal outsourcing, had recently been in vogue. Looks like corporate America’s loss will be every Indian law firm’s gain. Looks like the US economic crisis might wind up helping others before it disappears.

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